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Manage your factory as you have always dreamed of

Monitoriza tu planta y controla tu producción y OEE, a través de cualquier dispositivo, en planta o desde casa con ZEO MES

The agile MES system with which the best compete

ZEO MES simplifies plant complexity. A platform based on:

  • ZERO DEFECTS: Maximising process and product quality has never been so easy.
  • EFFICIENCY OEE: Experience OEE improvement through digital, efficient and visual management.
  • ON TIME DELIVERY: ZEO MES helps you to meet delivery deadlines in an increasingly demanding industrial environment.

Everything starts with Automatic Agile Flexible Universal Plug&Play Data Capture

ZEO Data Capture

  • Universal, fast and powerful Data Capture.
  • Plug&Play devices ‚Äď Connect, measure, improve.
  • 100% compatible with all industrial machinery.
  • Communication via digital signals, analogue, OPC, OPC ‚Äď UA, PLCs and SCADAs, databases‚Ķ

Operator’s terminal (Shopfloor)

  • An app to digitilise information from manual processes.
  • Real-time monitoring of production and OEE.
  • Easy reporting of inefficiencies, production and defective product.
  • Web access. All you need is a device connected to the network.

Enjoy either in your factory or at home a modular flexible multi device efficient real time MES System

OEE Efficiency · Optimiza la producción y el OEE de tu fábrica

OEE Efficiency

Advanced real time monitoring of machine OEE. The gateway to Industry 4.0.

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ZEO Connector ¬∑ Gestiona toda tu f√°brica desde un √ļnico sistema

ZEO Connector

Bidirectional integration with all ERPs on the market: SAP, Business Central, NAV, AX, JD Edwards…

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Zero Defects · Control visual de parámetros en tiempo real

Zero Defects

Automatic control of production variables: temperature, humidity, pressure, thickness, amperage…

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ZEO MES - Módulo OEE Efficiency en Procesos Manuales para monitorizar el OEE en tiempo real

OEE Efficiency in manual processes

Software to monitor OEE in real time in manual processes.

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On Time Delivery · Planifica la producción y entrega siempre a tiempo

On Time Delivery

It schedules and sequences production orders and displays the plan in real time.

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Business Intelligence · Analítica avanzada de los datos de tu fábrica

Business Intelligence

Connectors with Business Intelligence platforms such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Oracle...

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ZEO QC (Quality Control) · Garantiza la máxima calidad siempre

ZEO QC (Quality Control)

Integral digitalisation of in-plant quality self-monitoring.

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ZEO MES - Módulos React in Mobility, Notificaciones y Avisos y muchos más

Other Modules

React in Mobility, Notifications and Alerts, Document Viewer and many more.

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