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Manage your factory as you have always dreamed of

ZEO MES es la plataforma multidispositivo para la gestión de las fábricas del futuro

The agile MES system with which the best compete

ZEO MES simplifies plant complexity. A platform based on:

  • ZERO DEFECTS: Maximising process and product quality has never been so easy.
  • EFFICIENCY OEE: Experience OEE improvement through digital, efficient and visual management.
  • ON TIME DELIVERY: ZEO MES helps you to meet delivery deadlines in an increasingly demanding industrial environment.

Everything starts with Automatic Agile Flexible Universal Plug&Play Data Capture

ZEO Data Capture

  • Universal, fast and powerful Data Capture.
  • Plug&Play devices – Connect, measure, improve.
  • 100% compatible with all industrial machinery.
  • Communication via digital signals, analogue, OPC, OPC – UA, PLCs and SCADAs, databases…

Operator’s terminal (Shopfloor)

  • An app to digitilise information from manual processes.
  • Real-time monitoring of production and OEE.
  • Easy reporting of inefficiencies, production and defective product.
  • Web access. All you need is a device connected to the network.

Enjoy either in your factory or at home a modular flexible multi device efficient real time MES System

ZEO MES - Módulo OEE Efficiency para la monitorización avanzada en tiempo real del OEE

OEE Efficiency

Advanced real time monitoring of machine OEE. The gateway to Industry 4.0.

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ZEO MES - Módulo Integración con ERP para la integración bidireccional con todos los ERPs del mercado

ZEO Connector

Bidirectional integration with all ERPs on the market: SAP, Business Central, NAV, AX, JD Edwards…

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ZEO MES - Módulo Control de Calidad de Proceso para controlar automáticamente las variables de producción

Zero Defects

Automatic control of production variables: temperature, humidity, pressure, thickness, amperage…

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ZEO MES - Módulo OEE Efficiency en Procesos Manuales para monitorizar el OEE en tiempo real

OEE Efficiency in manual processes

Software to monitor OEE in real time in manual processes.

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ZEO MES - Módulo Planificador / Secuenciador para planificar y secuenciar las órdenes de fabricación

On Time Delivery

It schedules and sequences production orders and displays the plan in real time.

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ZEO MES - Módulo Business Intelligence para conectar con plataformas como Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Oracle…

Business Intelligence

Connectors with Business Intelligence platforms such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Oracle...

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ZEO MES - Módulo Control de Calidad de Producto para digitalizar los autocontroles de calidad en planta

ZEO QC (Quality Control)

Integral digitalisation of in-plant quality self-monitoring.

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ZEO MES - Módulos React in Mobility, Notificaciones y Avisos, ZEO Viewer y muchos más

Other Modules

React in Mobility, Notifications and Alerts, Document Viewer and many more.

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ZEO MES es la plataforma MES ágil, flexible, visual y multidispositivo para la gestión de procesos industriales

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