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At the Forefront of Industry 4.0

Improving day by day with ZEO Technology

And many other companies are enjoying the digitalisation of their factories thanks to ZEO MES.

Improving day by day with ZEO Technology

Trust relationship based on results

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Florette: A digitalised and visual industry

The application of technology has enabled Florette to optimise its production processes with an automatic data capture system that provides essential information for daily management.

Bagging and product selection lines are monitored with visual information via in-plant TV screens, operator terminals and touch-screen PC panels.

Information is available for operators, line drivers, plant managers, production management and executive team.

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Tasubinsa: How to integrate people and technology

Tasubinsa shows from the very beginning the desire to have a technological system that allows advanced production management and improved Efficiency.

ZEO Technology monitors each batch of product manufactured. This began with the installation of a pilot test on a first line. One month later, the system was installed on all 12 injection machines.

This information affects productivity, OEE, product quality control and defective product management. Besides, it also assists in the planning and preventive management of plant maintenance.

ZEO MES is designed for your sector factory industry need

Sector automoción

Automotive Sector

Sector alimentación y bebidas

Food and Beverages Sector

Sector farmacéutico y químico

Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Sector

Sector metal mecánico

Metal Mechanics Sector

Sector plástico

Plastics Sector

Sector logístico

Logistics and Distribution Sector

Otros sectores

Other Sectors

Does your factory belong to another industrial sector?
ZEO MES adapts to your needs, ask us.

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