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Hi. We are ZEO Technology.
Agile Technology manufacturers for industry

We are an international technology company that manufactures digital MES and OEE platforms, integrating hardware and software.

Agile Technology

We manufacture agile technology for industry

A set of digital tools that differ by being:

People at the core

We believe in people as the fundamental axis of knowledge and sustainable and equitable growth.

We attract the best talent and care about their continuous progress and sense of belonging.

Customers and Partners, our reason to be

We bring our knowledge and experience, ongoing collaboration with users and knowledge, technology and innovation hubs to offer our customers and partners products that exceed their needs and expectations: pragmatic, results-oriented, scalable, affordable and accessible to a wider range of industries.

Innovation is our DNA

We build a digital ecosystem, based on excellence and competitive improvement.

Technological innovation is in our DNA. We are proactive to be leaders in products, services and business models.

La innovación tecnológica está en nuestro ADN

Always connected and in collaboration

ZEO Technology has established a collaboration with the ITI Technological Center in the framework of the InnDIH project, which is the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) of the Comunidad Valenciana. This project has received funding from the DIGITAL Europe programme under grant agreement Nº 101083002.

Our Smart OEE technology has received funding from the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation, agreement number 739013.

The research and development leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Program under Grant Agreement 691554.

Gobierno de Navarra

We have received a grant from Navarra's Government for the recruitment of promoters and managers of European projects 2023.

We have the collaboration of Navarra’s Internationalisation Plan of the Government of Navarra.

Gobierno de Navarra

We have received funding from Navarra's Government for an R&D& Innovation project together with the Public University of Navarra on Industrial Big Data.

Gobierno de Navarra

We have received a grant from Navarra's Government under the 2021 call for applications for aid to improve competitiveness.

We have received funding from ENISA to boost our R&D& Innovation project.

We have received 50% co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund through the ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020.

We are recipients of the European Regional Development Fund, whose objective is to achieve a more competitive business network, having access to the Immersion Programme in the innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the United States, in New York, in order to learn in detail, the mechanisms of entrepreneurship and implementation in the United States. This action took place in October 2018. It was supported by the International Promotion Programme of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.