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The MES platform that fits to your factory

The agile MES system with which the best competes

ZEO MES simplifies plant complexity. A platform based on:

  • ZERO DEFECTS: Maximising process and product quality has never been so easy.
  • EFFICIENCY OEE: Experience OEE improvement through digital, efficient and visual management.
  • ON TIME DELIVERY: ZEO MES helps you to meet delivery deadlines in an increasingly demanding industrial environment.

Everything starts with automatic agile flexible universal Plug&Play Data Capture

For automatic machines and lines

For manual processes

  • ZEO Data Capture es el dispositivo Plug&Play para la captura automática de datos compatible con todas las máquinas industriales

    ZEO Data Capture

  • Con Shopfloor, la interfaz para el terminal de operario, podrás digitalizar la información de procesos manuales

    Shopfloor · Operator’s terminal

Manage your factory from anywhere with an agile modular flexible efficient MES software

Standardisation and integration

ZEO MES allows you to standardise data capture from any source of information and to integrate it bidirectionally with other systems.


ZEO MES technology is prepared to store, process, organise and present large volumes of data in real time.


ZEO MES is a platform designed so that third parties can make and implement their own developments through APIs and standard connectors.

100% web technology

Forget about the installation, updating and maintenance of each of the devices on which you need to use your MES system.

State-of-the-art technology

The architecture of ZEO MES is based on state-of-the-art, standardised technologies and programming languages.

Scalability and modularity

ZEO MES is an agile, modular and scalable platform with which you will be able to cover all your needs even if they change over time.
OEE Lite - Software industrial de digitalización del OEE

Do you want to start measuring and improving the OEE of your manual processes?

OEE Lite is the industrial digitalisation Cloud software to start monitoring your manual processes in real time.

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